Stop Me if You’ve Heard This: The Bears Traded Up to Get a Quarterback.

The trade heard ’round the lake. Again.

The Bears traded up to the Giants’ 11 spot last night to take Justin Fields in hopes he will not only turn the Bears around, but potentially save the jobs of Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy, and others.

Initially, the excitement was real. Justin Fields looked like a super hero at Ohio State. He proved he’s got the stuff to be successful as a duel threat in the league. The arm is booming and the legs are dangerous. There is no question he is the real deal, and he has the stuff to be a superstar in the NFL. And Chicago got him? Yuu have to be excited about that. This doesn’t happen to us.

The problem becomes who the people are that he is looking towards to learn.

Matt Nagy, no matter how you feel about Mitchell Trubisky, completely whiffed on developing him. Mitch has the stuff to be a starter in the league, and Nagy did not bring it out of him. He is incompetent to adapting and changing his plan. Now the Bears have drafted an even more capable quarterback, and Nagy is to develop him, with Andy Dalton and Nick Foles leading the way…

How can we be confident here? This is the Chicago Bears. As our very own Jim McMahon told us, “It’s where quarterbacks go to die.”

I have confidence in Justin Fields being our guy. But I would have felt remarkably more confident with different leadership. Imagine a new GM/Coach combo coming in hot with this and saying “we’re not messing around, let’s go win NOW.” Ryan Pace does what he did last night and it’s more so a feeling of “here we go again.”

I’m sorry, and I hope Justin Fields is the fix and the cure, but the reality is the Chicago Bears organization cannot and will not make the turn until there is change at the top. We need owners that will hold people accountable for their mistakes, and we need leadership that doesn’t make the same mistakes over and over again.

As it was with Mitch, failure should not fall on Justin Fields’ shoulders, and I hope it would be the last straw.

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