Pick of the Day April 30th: YESTERDAY!


  • Yesterday: 4-2, +6.915u
  • April: 97-116, +16.922u
  • YTD: 188-218, +19.46u

I mean yesterday was just an all time great day for myself and the city of Chicago. It started with Aaron Rodgers telling the Packers that he has no plan to return to Green Bay and play for them. At that very moment, after two days of rain and clouds, the sun came out. I kid you not. That’s when I knew we were in for a good night.

Then the Cubs unleashed fury and all their frustration on the Braves. The White Sox took care of the Tigers in game one. I felt so comfortable in my bets. And then, chaos ensued when the Bears traded up and got their guy. Justin Fields has the whole weight of Chicago on his shoulders now, the poor kid.

White Sox mopped up the Tigers in game two, and all of a sudden, April is locked into profit. Amazing. WHAT. A. DAY.

I want to go out of April with a bang, so I am touching A LOT of plays tonight. It’s Friday, it’s the weekend, it’s the end of the month, and…. take it, Justin Timberlake…

Today’s Picks:

  • Cubs ML: 1u/1.08u
  • Cubs/Reds O9: 1u/.97u
  • Wilson Contreras HR: 1.49u/6.705u
  • Anthony Rizzo HR & Cubs Win: 1u/10.75u
  • Mets/Phillies 1st No Score: 1u/1u
  • Indians/White Sox 1st No Score: 1u/.6u
  • Marlins/Nationals 1st No Score: 1u/.97u
  • Tigers/Yankees O8: 1u/.96u
  • 1st Inning Strikeout Parlay: 1u/1u
    • Gerrit Cole (vs Tigers)
    • Shane Bieber (vs White Sox)
    • Yu Darvish (vs Giants)
  • 5+ Runs in the Game Parlay: 1u/1.7u
    • Cardinals/Pirates
    • Cubs/Reds
    • Braves/Blue Jays
    • Royals/Twins
    • Orioles/A’s
  • 1st Inning No Score Parlay: .5u/3.5u
    • Cardinals/Pirates
    • Mets/Phillies
    • Rockies/Diamondbacks

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