Pick of the Day April 28th: Miracle


  • Yesterday: 2-5, +.2u
  • April: 88-111, +4.602u
  • YTD: 143-213, +7.14u

I don’t know how in the world it happened, but on a night I put basically all my heart and soul on Cubs runs and White Sox domination, they failed and I still came out positive. I think the gambling overlords have acknowledged my smart and responsible gambling tactics and rewarded me with yesterday’s backdoor save. I was all over the Lightning/Blackhawks over though, that was done before the game was half over. Those easy wins feel so nice, especially last night.

Today we have some day baseball, rejoice. Going under in the first innings of the noon starts. As for the White Sox, that’s the absolute lock for me today. After the loss yesterday, they definitely are going to come out ready to open a can. Watch for that. And as always, the promos in the Barstool app are just so much fun to keep track of, so I’m on all those again tonight.

Today’s Picks:

  • Twins/Indians 1st Inning No Score: 1u/1.2u
  • Marlins/Brewers 1st Inning No Score: 1u/.88u
  • Cubs/Braves 1st Inning No Score: 1u/1.06u
  • White Sox -1.5: 1u/1.02u
  • No Runs in 1st Parlay: .5u/2.875u
    • Red Sox/Mets
    • Athletics/Rays
    • Rockies/Giants
  • 1st Inning K’s Parlay: 1u/1.4u
    • Clayton Kershaw (vs Reds)
    • Jacob DeGrom (vs Red Sox)
    • Tyler Glasnow (vs A’s)
  • 5+ Runs Parlay: 1u/1.25u
    • Nationals/Blue Jays
    • Yankees/Orioles
    • Angels/Rangers
    • Tigers/White Sox
    • Padres/Diamondbacks
  • Baseball Parlay: .5u/3.875u
    • Marlins/Brewers U8.5
    • Yankees ML
    • Blue Jays ML
    • White Sox ML
  • NBA 200+ Point Parlay: 1u/1.5u
    • Hornets/Celtics
    • Bulls/Knicks
    • Spurs/Heat

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