Pick of the Day April 27th: It’s Science.


  • Yesterday: 0-4, -2.5u
  • April: 86-106, +4.402u
  • YTD: 141-208, +6.94u

What goes up must come down. It’s science, this is science. I am not broken, you just can’t fly this close to the sun without burning up. So we had our day of realism, and now we can get back to business. There is no where to go but up, literally.

Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of losing my grandmother, which is wild to me. I bring this up because she was a large White Sox fan, and our rivalry was fierce. Usually I put my stock in the Sox on the 26th every year, but they did not play yesterday. So we will do it today, a one day special.

The rest: Cubs/Braves runs, Blackhawks goals, Penguins ML, and some Barstool Specials.

Today’s Picks:

  • White Sox -2: 1u/1.14u
  • Cubs/Braves O8.5: 1u/.83u
  • Penguins ML: 1u/.97u
  • Lightning/Blackhawks O6: 1u/.98u
  • No Runs in the 1st Parlay: .5u/3.375u
    • Royals/Pirates
    • Nationals/Blue Jays
    • Rockies/Giants
  • 1st Inning K’s Parlay: 1u/3u
    • Lucas Giolito (vs Tigers)
    • Chris Paddack (vs DBacks)
    • Walker Buehler (vs Reds)
  • Davey Day Night Parlay: .5u/3.75u
    • Indians ML
    • Yankees ML
    • Brewers ML
    • Astros ML

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