Pick of the Day April 26th


  • Friday (Weekend Off): 2-3,+.25u
  • April: 86-102, +6.902u
  • YTD: 141-204, +9.44u

I had a very nice and healthy weekend off from gambling, knowing that I had 4 positive days out of 5. It’s healthy to pause and not let the success or failure get to your head. It can break your mojo and wallet. This is responsible.

I really am going to ease back into this to try and keep momentum and keep having positive results. We are coming to the end of April with a positive mark, and I would really like to end April in the green.

So today, one single pick and then a couple of Barstool Specials:

Today’s Picks:

  • Cubs ML: 1u/1.55u
  • Cubs Win & O8.5: .5u/2.25u
  • 1st Inning No Runs: .5u/3u
    • Marlins/Brewers
    • Phillies/Cardinals
    • Rockies/Giants
  • Davey Day Night Parlay: .5u/4.125u
    • Royals/Tigers O7.5
    • Brewers ML
    • A’s ML
    • Angels ML

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