Pick of the Day April 23rd: Weekend Off


  • Yesterday: 3-4, -.68u
  • April: 84-99, +6.652
  • YTD: 139-201, +9.19

Yesterday was my first negative day since the weekend, and just barely too. I am responsibly going to take the weekend off of gambling for two reasons: 1) I will be much on the move this weekend and will not be able to track and research my moves and 2) I don’t want recent success to get in my head and make me feel invincible.

It’s called responsible gambling, people. Look it up, they list me as an example.

But I do have picks for today and tonight! And they are the Cubs and Barstool Specials. They are as follows:

  • Cubs -1.5: 1u/1.25u
  • No Runs 1st Inning Parlay: 1u/5.8u
    • Yankees/Indians
    • Nationals/Mets
    • Marlins/Giants
  • Punch Out Parlay – 1st Inning Strikeouts: 1u/2u
    • Jacob deGrom (vs WAS)
    • Tyler Glasnow (vs TOR)
    • Casey Mize (vs KC)
  • Oakland A’s to score O4.5 & Win: 1u/1.8u
  • Patrick Kane to record a point & Blackhawks Win: 1u/1.8u

Everyone have a great and safe weekend!

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