Pick of the Day April 22nd: Don’t Be Afraid to Get Hot.


  • Yesterday: 7-8, +4.635u
  • April: 81-95, +7.332u
  • YTD: 136-197, +9.87u

MUCH TO RECAP FROM YESTERDAY. Late moves were made, and they are as follows:

The White Sox game was postponed, so the Chicago Parlay was voided. However, I did submit a replacement for the same amount, and it lost anyway because the Bulls suck. BUT THEN…. I took both the Cubs and Blackhawks MLs when they were down, and that paid off immensely, and we find ourselves in plus territory for the third day in a row.

I woke up feeling incredible. I haven’t even peeked at the board yet today and I feel confident. I feel dangerous. This is extremely dangerous. Three positive days in a row for me is like playing bogey-free golf for three holes. I don’t know how to handle the good nature. I would think that not blowing the board up tonight would be a really good idea.

Today’s Picks:

  • Pirates/Tigers O8.5: 1u/.92u
  • Diamondbacks/Reds O8.5: 1u/.89u
  • Mariners ML: 1u/1.45u
  • Cubs ML: 1u/.98u
  • Angels & Dodgers to Win: 1u/2.5u
  • No Runs 1st Inning: 1u/7.1u
    • Diamondbacks/Reds
    • Pirates/Tigers
    • Marlins/Giants

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