Chicago Cubs Week 2: I Am Not Panicking.

Chicago Cubs: 6-9, Last in NL Central

Look, it has looked bad. No one is in last place and happy about it (unless you’re one of those weird fans who roots for a tank to get a draft pick). The Cubs look the same as they have since late 2018: the bats are asleep and the pitching is inconsistent.

So why are we not panicking? BECAUSE IT’S APRIL 19th. THERE ARE 147 GAMES TO GO. THAT’S 91% OF THE SCHEDULE.

I know we need the Cubs to get off to a hot start so Jed Hoyer doesn’t do what he wants to do and ship off the entire team because he wants to create his own legacy, but I do believe the Cubs are going to have time and will turn this thing around.

This weekend, although hard to find positives in a series loss, the bats did start to figure it out a little bit. Sunday night was an absolute fluke by Kyle Hendricks – the wind was blowing straight out at at least 98 mph. It was basically a hurricane, doesn’t count.

The Cubs have an off day on Monday, and then three against the Mets and three against the Brewers to end the homestand. We will see deGrom on Thursday…. I would hammer the strikeout over. BUT the Mets’ offense is sort of a mess too. Milwaukee hasn’t figured it out either. There’s a good shot to take two of three from both series if the bats continue on the trajectory they are on. I’m not quitting yet.

And if this week doesn’t go well, April showers bring May flowers. There is time.

Stay with me people. It is not even close to over.

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