Pick of the Day April 15th: I’m Calming Down For Real


  • Yesterday: 8-9, +.07u
  • April: 50-62, -3.86u
  • YTD: 105-165, -1.322u

OK, I got a little carried away last night. I thought I won a parlay .5u/3.75u, and then I made 3 additional bets last night. Indians/Sox 1st Inning under (Sox scored 6), the over (thankfully), and the Rockies/Dodgers 1st inning under (trash). So I thought I was up pretty well last night, and then I was not when I recapped this morning.

The lesson I learned: don’t count the chickens before they hatch, and don’t ruin a winning day. Lesson learned.

SO TODAY, we’re going to chill. We’re going to limit the picks and the funds, and try to create a nice little rhythm going into Friday and the weekend. Luckily, the Cubs can’t disappoint me today. Bless up.

Today’s Picks:

  • Mariners/Orioles (Game 1) O7: 1u/.92u
  • Mariners/Orioles (Game 2) O7.5: 1u/1.04u
  • Indians/White Sox 1st Inning No Score: 1u/.76u
  • Red Sox/Twins 1st Inning No Score: 1u/.91u
  • Patrick Kane to record a point & Blackhawks win: 1u/1.2u

Stay hungry, stay humble. Responsibly.

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