Pick of the Day April 14th: All Day Baseball


  • Yesterday: 5-5, +1.575u
  • April: 42-53, -3.93u
  • YTD: 97-156, -1.392u

Late last night, in the 6th inning or so, I put a moneyline parlay bet on both the Sox and Cubs to pull it out. Cubs were down 2-1 and the Sox had no score. I thought for sure it would be the Cubs that let me down, and it WASN’T. Hard to be mad about the Cubs winning and the Sox losing, I suppose. But the game of the night was definitely the pitchers duel on the South Side. I really hate that the game ended because of the ghost runner on second essentially. I get the saving time thing, but let the game play out. I am over this rule.

Today, I made selections in all of the early starts, and a couple Barstool parlays. I am back on my 1st inning unders, they’re just electric.

Today’s Picks:

  • Yankees/Blue Jays 1st Inning No Score: 1u/1.1u
  • Nationals/Cardinals 1st Inning No Score: 1u/.98u
  • Nolan Arenado to hit a HR: 1u/4.75u
  • Cubs/Brewers 1st Inning No Score: 1u/.81u
  • Cubs/Brewers O7.5: 1u/.95u
  • Cubs to lead after 5 innings & win the game: .5u/1.125u
  • Jake Arrieta O4.5 Strikeouts: 1u/.88u
  • Angels/Royals 1st Inning No Score: 1u/.97u
  • Red Sox/Twins (Game 1) O6: 1u/.9u
  • Red Sox/Twins (Game 2) 06.5: 1u/.96u
  • Reds/Giants 1st Inning No Score: 1u/1.02u
  • Punch Out Parlay: Pitchers to throw Strikeouts in the 1st: .5u/1.45u
    • Charlie Morton (vs MIA)
    • Zack Wheeler (vs NYM)
    • Lance McCullers Jr. (vs DET)

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