Pick of the Day April 13th: Calming Down or Whatever


  • Yesterday: 7-7, +1.17u
  • April: 37-48, -5.505u
  • YTD: 92-151, -2.967u (38%)

I promise I am not going to bet on every first inning under and parlay them again today. Although profitable, I feel like it’s cheating the system. And it’s also a little ridiculous. More than 15 games today is where I draw the line. There is no thinking involved, only doing. And you, the 2-4 individuals that actually read this, deserve better than that. So tonight, strategic picks to try and improve my overall record. I’m very pleased with the board today! We have some promising responsible wagers in place, and they are as follows:

Today’s Picks:

  • Red Sox/Twins 1st Inning U0.5: 1u/.97u
  • Padres/Pirates O8: 1u/.96u
  • Mariners/Orioles (Game 1) O6.5: 1u/.98u
  • Indians/White Sox 1st Inning U0.5: 1u/.62u
  • Indians/White Sox O7: 1u/.98u
  • Cubs/Brewers 1st Inning U0.5: 1u/.83u
  • Punch Out Parlay – 1st Inning Strikeouts for each pitcher: .5u/1.625u
    • Lucas Giolito (CWS vs CLE)
    • Max Fried (ATL vs MIA)
    • Jack Flaherty (STL vs WAS)
  • No Runs 1st Inning Parlay: .5u/3.375u
    • Padres/Pirates
    • Yankees/Blue Jays
    • Marlins/Braves
  • MLB 5-Pack ML Parlay: .5u/3.654u
    • Braves (vs Marlins)
    • Orioles (vs Mariners)
    • Twins (vs Red Sox)
    • Dodgers (vs Rockies)
    • Padres (@ Pirates)

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