Pick of the Day April 12th: Weekend Recap, Masters Fail, My New Favorite Bet


  • Masters: 0-8, -6u
  • Weekend (not counting Masters): 22-25-2, +3.59u
  • April: 30-41-2, -6.675u
  • YTD: 85-144-2, -4.137u (37%)

I suck at golf, both playing and betting. Dustin Johnson and Brook Koepka didn’t even make the cut. Justin Thomas crumbled on Saturday. Spieth had a chance, but missed on opportunities. Xander fell apart late. Every save attempt failed. The Masters killed my weekend because….

I found a new favorite bet.

The electricity of betting on a no-run first inning is addicting (responsibly). I bet on it in every single game on both Saturday and Sunday with positive results. Every other bet I took that wasn’t that failed me this weekend. If you take those out, my record would be around 75% accurate. It’s the most electric bet in baseball.

And with that being said. Guess what we’re doing tonight…

Today’s Picks:

  • First Inning No Score:
    • Padres/Pirates: 1u/.82u
    • Nationals/Cardinals: 1u/1.15u
    • Mariners/Orioles: 1u/.93u
    • Red Sox/Twins: 1u/.98u
    • Angels/Royals: 1u/1.06u
    • Yankees/Blue Jays: 1u/.91u
    • Marlins/Braves: 1u/1.07u
    • Rangers/Rays: 1u/.79u
    • Tigers/Astros: 1u/.94u
    • Cubs/Brewers: 1u/.97u
    • Reds/Giants: 1u/.91u
    • Indians/White Sox: 1u/1u
    • Parlay of all of these: .01u/318.26u
  • 5 – Pack MLB ML Parlay: 1u/7.9u
    • Rays
    • White Sox
    • Astros
    • Braves
    • Yankees
  • Chicago Parlay – Bulls/Blackhawks/Sox/Cubs MLs: .5u/8.125u
  • Patrick Kane/Austin Matthews/Nathan McKinnon all to record a point: .5u/1u

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