Pick of the Day April 8th: Lots of Baseball


  • Yesterday: 5-4, +4.64u
  • April Total: 6-15, -4.405u
  • YTD: 61-103, -1.867u (37%)

Nice little day yesterday! If the Cubs bats would had woken up, we would be up in the unit totals, but the Cubs offense is equivalent to that of the Bears, so it’s nothing I’m not used to. I love winning record days! Let’s do it again, yeah?

Today’s Picks:

  • Mets -1.5: 1u/1.1u
  • Cubs/Pirates – Jake Arrieta over 4.5 strikeouts: 1u/1.05u
  • Cubs/Pirates – Javier Baez to hit a home run: 1u/7.18u
  • Royals/White Sox over 8: 1u/.9u
  • Red Sox/Orioles: 1u/.96u
  • Barstool Sports – Pitchers to throw a 1st Inning Strikeout: 1u/1.8u
    • Jake Arrieta (Cubs) vs Pirates
    • Lance Lynn (White Sox) vs Royals
  • Barstool Sports’ “BEC” – No runs in the 1st inning: 1u/8u
    • Mariners vs Twins
    • Angels vs Blue Jays
    • Athletics vs Astros
  • Barstool Sports “Davey Day Night” Moneyline Parlay: 1u/4u
    • Cubs (Pirates)
    • Twins (Mariners)
    • Brewers (Cardinals)
  • NHL – Players to record 1 point: 1u/1.8u
    • Sidney Crosby
    • Patrick Kane
    • Connor McDavid
  • Chicago Moneyline Parlay: 1u/7.37u
    • Cubs
    • Sox
    • Bulls
    • Blackhawks

I am very much counting on the Cubs to figure it out today. I think the NHL point bet might be free money, but only time will tell. A nice Thursday slate of baseball headed into some hockey/more baseball in the evening. As always, looking forward to getting some winners!

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