MLB Uniform Power Rankings: #5-#1

Well, here we are. The most anticipated blog of my life, the Top 5 MLB uniform combinations. This has been a long time coming for sure, as this is a heated topic for me almost every day. Call me a traditionalist, I don’t like change or weird. Give me white at home and grey on the road. Throw in a colored alternate for travel day afternoon games, fine. Couple throwbacks a year? Sure, go for it. I just need consistency. I realize this is asking a lot.

Before we start the unveiling, let’s take a look at how we got here. If you would like to see the uniforms and read the reasonings, you can do so by reading the blogs for #30-#16, #15-#11, and #10-#6. But for now, here is the rundown:

  • 30. Miami Marlins
  • 29. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 28. Houston Astros
  • 27. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 26. Cleveland Indians
  • 25. San Diego Padres
  • 24. Kansas City Royals
  • 23. Seattle Mariners
  • 22. Minnesota Twins
  • 21. Baltimore Orioles
  • 20. Colorado Rockies
  • 19. Washington Nationals
  • 18. Texas Rangers
  • 17. New York Mets
  • 16. Atlanta Braves

  • 15. San Francisco Giants
  • 14. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 13. Boston Red Sox
  • 12. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 11. Oakland Athletics

  • 10. Los Angeles Angels
  • 9. Philadelphia Phillies
  • 8. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 7. Cincinnati Reds
  • 6. Toronto Blue Jays

And now, here we go. The Top 5 uniforms in Major League Baseball:

5. Chicago White Sox

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is chicago-white-sox.png

I have taken away the best and worst options because we are in the Top 5. There are no more bad options left in the league. The Chicago White Sox are a perfect example of this, as their lineup is exactly what I said I was looking for in the beginning: Home whites, road greys, a throwback, and (reluctantly) an alternate. While I am a Cubs guy and always will be, I have a massive appreciation for what the Chicago White Sox offer here. Their Home pinstripes are beautiful. The script “Chicago” across the road greys is iconic. The alternate black top matches the home white, and it is simple. And the throwback is the greatest uniform in the history of baseball. So, why are they not at the top? They are the Chicago White Sox. How many white socks do you see? Whoops. Still great threads though.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is los-angeles-dodgers.png

The Dodgers uniform has seemingly not changed since the Brooklyn days, which is what I love about the Dodgers. The same uniform worn by Jackie Robinson in Brooklyn and Sandy Koufax in the 60’s is still worn today. Consistency is everything and I love it. I actually had the Dodgers at #3 for the longest time until just a couple of days ago. So why did they move down? Two reasons: 1) the Dodgers are definitely a franchise that can get away with not showing their location on their road greys, but the Los Angeles spelled out just looks so much more awesome on the road. I want to see where you’re from on the grey uniforms. 2) I don’t know what is going on with these socks. Dodgers should be all blue or stirrups. Why the palm trees on such a classic uniform.. WHY. Maybe this is why the Mets did something stupid with their socks too, they look up to the Dodgers when it comes to uniforms. (See the Mets description, this is a callback.)

3. Chicago Cubs

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is chicago-cubs.png

Ah, my bread and butter. My beloved Chicago Cubs. The nostalgia I feel seeing these. I see those pinstripes and can see and smell the beauty and awe of Wrigley Field. I see the block “Chicago” across the chest of the greys and remember seeing my team in Atlanta, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Detroit, and beyond. I see the blue alternates and hear in my head, “This is going to be a tough play… Bryant… The Cubs… WIN THE WORLD SERIES.” My biggest passion and honor is being a Chicago Cubs fan. It’s nothing I take lightly, and yes I am ridiculous. ” THAT’S NOT TRUE. SO HOW ARE THEY NOT YOUR NUMBER ONE THEN YOU MORON?” Well, because I am honest. I know in my heart of hearts they are one uniform too heavy to be number one. It’s the alternate blues. I do not mind them on travel day afternoon games. I think that could be standard. I just think they are used too frequently. Additionally, I would very much like the walking bear logo to be secondary on the sleeve across the board. If the Cubs were to take the primary logo on the pinstripes and put that on the blues, move the walking bear to the sleeves, I would be much more fond of it. I do like the National League patch though, that’s unique and I love seeing that on the road.

2. New York Yankees

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is new-york-yankees.png

Talk about a uniform that doesn’t change, here you go. The definition of consistency is the New York Yankees. Two uniforms, two colors, one hat, one sock. Bonus: no names on the back. This is not boring, this is perfect. This is classic. This is baseball. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Yogi Berra, Mickie Mantle, Dereck Jeter, and Mariano Rivera all wore the exact same uniforms. Your uniform can tell a story, and this is a story of tradition and winning. Hate the evil empire that is the New York Yankees all you want, I understand. But their uniforms are majestic. Appreciate them. There are only two uniforms in baseball that do not show their nickname on them anywhere. One of them is the Yankees, the other?…

1. Detroit Tigers

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is detroit-tigers.png

That’s right, folks. The best uniforms in baseball belong to the Detroit Tigers. The classic, perfect, beautiful Detroit Tigers. I cannot punish them for not playing in Tiger Stadium anymore, because it’s been a while now. I have no complaints or critiques. The home whites are simple. The “D” is iconic. Two colors tell a story of tradition. The road greys are what take the top spot though. The font of “Detroit” at a slight angle, with a number on the front and tying in the orange beautifully is absolutely incredible. And the two of them combined, no where does it say “Tigers.” You know how you know? You just know. That is how iconic and perfect the uniforms are. Well done, Detroit. Never change.

There you have it, Major League Baseball uniforms officially know their place in this world. Congratulations to the city of Detroit for winning something. Now that that’s over, just a couple more points. The Marlins, Rays, and DBacks shouldn’t exist. The Brewers should be in the AL. The Astros should be in the NL. The Nationals should be the Senators and the Expos should return to Montreal so they can take the top spot in the next round.

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