Pick of the Day April 6th: Tournament Clean Up, Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming


  • NCAA Basketball Tournament: 20-33, +3.32u
  • April Total: 0-5, -5.275u
  • YTD: 55-93, -2.735
  • Pending Futures:
    • Chicago Bulls to Make the Playoffs: 1u/2.3u
    • Chicago Cubs World Series Champions: 1u/100u

Last night was one of the rare occurrences where I not only flipped/changed my pick and it worked, but I bet on a team named the Bears and they didn’t let me down. And they did not trail once. Just perfect.

I know I said Gonzaga until the end in my last post, but I sort of hedged myself to insure I had something coming out on the back end. Had Gonzaga won, I would have won my future I had for them to win, and gotten $1 for every point they won by throughout the tournament, which would have been over $100. Are you sick of me saying that yet?

But Baylor destroyed the Bulldogs, and that was my play. My 10u play as a matter of fact, to win me 16u, and put me in the winner’s circle for the Barstool Survival Challenge (+7.3u).

As for April, we have started out horribly. 0-5. Sunday I chose Wilson Contreras to homer and the Cubs to win for +550, and he struck out four times. Then he demolished a ball last night to center field. Such is life.

As for tonight, I have one pick, one original parlay, and two boosted parlays in the Barstool App. Predominantly baseball.

Today’s Plays:

  • (MLB: Twins @ Tigers) DET starter Casey Mize to throw a 1st Inning Strikeout: 2.3u/2.3u
  • Original 4 Team MLB Moneyline Parlay: 2u/12.5u
    • Colorado Rockies
    • Cincinnati Reds
    • New York Yankees
    • Chicago Cubs
  • Barstool “Davey Day Night” MLB Moneyline Parlay: 1u/5u
    • Minnesota Twins
    • New York Mets
    • Chicago White Sox
  • Barstool “Bet With Chicago” Moneyline Parlay: 1u/14u
    • Chicago Bulls
    • Chicago Blackhawks
    • Chicago Cubs
    • Chicago White Sox

I feel so great today. The weather is beautiful, I’m coming off a big win. The vibes are positive under this roof. There’s a chance for tonight to be a huge win as you can see. I would love to see that Chicago parlay hit tonight, it would match the feel of being a Chicagoan right now: beautifully unmatched. Make sure to follow me on Twitter to keep up with any additional picks.

Tomorrow, look out for my Masters pick! Que the piano and Jim Nantz.

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