MLB Uniform Power Rankings Countdown: #15-#11

Thank you to those of you who responded to the first batch of rankings. I heard it from my friends in Atlanta for the Braves being so low (16). I agree, it is lower than it should be. But I’m left with no choice until/unless they were to eliminate the creams and choose between the red and the blue. Again, I don’t make the rules (I definitely make the rules).

A reminder of the criteria before we continue on:

  • Number of options (less is more)
  • Team Colors
  • Relevancy
  • Historic Value
  • Best uniform boost
  • Worst uniform deduction

And another reminder, this is a ranking of the group of uniforms together. They win together and they lose together.

Let’s crack open the Top 15!

15. San Francisco Giants

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is san-francisco-giants.png
  • Best: Home Creams
  • Worst: Alt 1 Oranges

The Giants are the only team to get away with not having white uniforms because this historic franchise belongs in the cream. What a classic look for a classic franchise. And I absolutely love how long and drawn out “San Francisco” looks on the road greys, absolutely beautiful. Here’s where you lose me, the Alt 1 oranges. What is that font? And why is there gold? If the font matched the Home font, I would understand and we would move forward. Additionally, the Alt 2 and Alt 3 options seem redundant. I’m starting to think I’m picky.

14. Pittsburgh Pirates

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pittsburgh-pirates.png
  • Best: Road Greys
  • Worst: Alt 3 Camos

Okay, I’m going off “script” here (ha) with my take on matching fonts. I for whatever reason actually love the change to scrip font on the road greys for Pittsburgh here. I think it looks amazing. And I kind of like the idea of “yeah, here’s a generic script on the road. Come see our pirate font at home.” Here is where you lose me: the black and yellow Alt 2s, not showing the red bandana on the logo. And the lettering with black on black just looks weird. That goof has the Pirates just on the edge of the boat. But the Alt 3 camos has them walking the plank. (Pittsburgh, you’re the only ones so far with puns incorporated. So you got that going for you.)

13. Boston Red Sox

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is boston-red-sox.png
  • Best: Home Whites
  • Worst: Alt 2 Blues

Similar to the Braves, just too many options here in Boston, but really just one too many. I get the red jersey. You are the Red Sox, you promote the color red. Fine, whatever. The blue does match the hat, and it isn’t terrible. But we’re back to too many options. The home whites and road greys are perfect, this is all you need Boston. And you get credit for how perfect they are.

12. Milwaukee Brewers

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is milwaukee-brewers.png
  • Best: Alt 1 Whites
  • Worst: Alt 2 Blues

The Milwaukee Brewers changed back to the old school logo and this is everything we needed and more. The “M” with the piece of wheat was HORRIBLE. This Brewers logo might be the 2nd best baseball logo of all time (behind the Montreal Expos, of course). So what is holding them back? 2 things: the creams should be an alternate and the pinstripes should be home, and the blue uniform should not exist. It makes them look like boy scouts. The hat is horrible.

11. Oakland Athletics

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oakland-athletics.png
  • Best: Home Whites
  • Worst: Alt 2 Yellows

I wanted Oakland to be in the Top 10 SO BADLY. The colors are so unique, they all wear white shoes, the throwbacks are beautiful. They are so close to following the allotted criteria, just an ugly yellow top too much. I am also not a fan of the hat that goes with the road greys, but the home whites and throwbacks pick up the slack from the failures here. I love the look of the Oakland Athletics, so you KNOW the top ten is going to be nothing but the best.

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