Pick of the Day: March/Tourney Totals, Cubs Bad Start, Final Four Picks

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  • March Final Total: 35-54, -2.37u
  • Tournament: 18-32, -13.75u
    • March totals and tournament totals separated because the tournament is basically a whole month in itself.
  • April Totals (Yesterday): 0-1, -2.575u
  • YTD: 53-87, -18.67u

I think my distractions of a very busy month are a valid excuse for my performances in March, and I look forward to a new opportunity in April, in which I am also going to be wildly busy. Things do have a chance to turn around, because I do have a couple of outs (futures) still in play:

  • NCAA: Gonzaga to win the NCAA Men’s Tournament: 1u/2.05u PLUS $1 for every point Gonzaga wins by in each game combined. (Right now, that is $96.)
  • NBA: Chicago Bulls to make the NBA Playoffs: 1u/2.3u
  • MLB: Chicago Cubs to win the World Series: 1u/100u

Speaking of the Cubs…. THAT WAS REALLY BAD YESTERDAY. But I’m not going to panic after one game is played. More on that probably later.


The only plays are going to be Gonzaga ML. The payouts are small, but I am still alive in the Barstool Survival pool with a grand prize of $10,000. I do not know who all is left in the pool, I do not know how many people would split the pot. But going against Gonzaga at this point would just be really stupid.

  • Saturday: Gonzaga ML: 5u/.4u
  • Monday (Provided Gonazaga wins Saturday): Gonzaga ML: 10u/?

I really really hope to be doing a victory lap on Tuesday. If not, perhaps I should contemplate retirement for a while.

*NOTE: Retirement retires the record, and resets should I come out of retirement. I don’t make the rules.

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