At LONG long last, it is FINALLY OPENING DAY. For the first time in two years (last year definitely doesn’t count), it is truly Opening Day in America.

Today is one of my all time favorite days of the year. It is the first real feeling of spring coming after a cold Chicago winter. It is the beginning of the marathon that is a Major League Baseball season. It is just a joyous day. Let us all be so glad.

Today, we’re not going to talk about all of the problems clouding over the Chicago Cubs organization. We are not going to talk about how Anthony Rizzo does not have an extension with the team he has been the captain for on and off the field for several years. We are not going to talk about no contract talks for Kris Bryant or Javy Baez. We’re not going to talk about the core of the 2016 championship potentially being shipped off mid-season if the team does not produce contending numbers in the first two months of the season. NONE OF THAT. We’re going to watch baseball. It cannot be beat today.

Wrigley Field gates are going to be opened to Cubs fans for the first time since September 2019. Wrigleyville will begin its road to normality as bars will open to patrons looking to watch the game from the outside. Sports World Chicago and Wrigleyville Sports are going to be selling merchandise like they used to on game days. THE WORLD IS HEALING. WE ARE ON OUR WAY.

In normal circumstances, I would probably be outside Wrigley at least two Old Styles deep by now high-fiving anyone with a pulse and a Cubs hat on. Alas, I am at my home office desk, planning on a half day and then will watch the game from home. But I did get emotional this morning thinking about my return to the Friendly Confines. In 2019, I went to thirty games and moved right next to Wrigley on Addison, in anticipation of doing even more in 2020. Unfortunately, what happened happened, and I went to a total of five games in my time living right next to the stadium. Now, I am further away, but that won’t stop me from being there as much as I can when the time is right. When that day comes, I imagine my emotions will be close to what they were for my first visit to Wrigley Field. A very special day.

SO, baseball fans, ice up your beverage of choice (Old Style), order in some locally owned food (probably wings), and let’s have a great day. Baseball is back. GO CUBS GO.

PS, for gambling purposes: Whatever the total is for Pirates runs, hammer the under. Kyle Hendricks is on the mound and it is a cold breezy day in Chicago.

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