Where We Stand: I’m Alive in a Survival Contest

Moving is hard and it makes me tired. That is where I have been. Things are settling in just in time for baseball. But while that is upon us, we still have madness in March happening. My record: I don’t know. It’s not pretty. HOWEVER, I am still alive in the Barstool Sportsbook’s Tournament Survival Contest. Surviving each round through the end of the tournament would grant me a shot at a $10,000 grand prize…. SO yeah, I’m invested in that.

Tonight and tomorrow will be the Elite Eight round. 4 games, but only TWO chances to advance.

The rule is I need to place a moneyline wager on a team to simply win the game in order to advance. I have two opportunities, so if I lose the first one, I will have one more opportunity.

Tonight’s pick, I’m riding with the ever-hot Oregon State Beavers. This is where it gets dicey and difficult. Nothing is certain. Should that fail, we will revisit tomorrow.

Additionally, I have a future bet on Gonzaga winning the tournament. Should they do that, not only will I win that, but I will receive $1 credit for every point they win each game by combined. Right now, that total is 110 points. So yeah, I would like Gonzaga to win it all.

Other than that, gambling has taken a severe backseat as I settle in to my new home. Things will be picking back up in he next couple weeks though. Baseball is going to be great. Plus, some audio things are coming on the horizon…

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