Pick of the Day: Round of 64 (Friday & Saturday)

  • First Round: 1-3, -3.15u

And the 1 was a gimme. Yikes. Not the start we were looking for, but alas, here we are. The first real days of the tournament. The round of 64.

Lots of things to bet, lots of promotions and props involved. Let’s just skip the talk and pick and let our day be glorious.

Round of 64 Picks:

  • Barstool App Prop: # of 12 Seeds to advance to Round of 32 OVER 1.5, 1u/2u
  • Barstool App Parlay ($ back if 1 or 2 legs miss): LSU ML/UCONN ML/Rutgers ML/Wisconsin-UNC O137.5, 2.5u/22.89u
  • Barstool App Parlay: Texas Tech/Arkansas/Purdue/Oklahoma State, 2u/6.5u
  • Purdue ML, 2.5u/.8u
  • Oklahoma State ML, 2.5u/.725u
  • Arkansas ML, 2.5u/.65u
  • Rutgers ML, 2.5u/2.03u
  • Bet Rivers Free Bet: Oregon State ML, Free/6.8u
  • Bet Rivers Free Bet: Winthrop ML, Free/4.3u
  • Florida ML, 1u/1u
  • Oregon State +8.5, 1u/.91u
  • North Carolina -1.5, 1u/.94u
  • Iona +16.5, 1u/.94u
  • Winthrop +6.5, 1u/.91u
  • Purdue -7, 1u/.91u

Let’s just have a great couple of days and reconvene Sunday morning to count our money, yeah?

*If picks are added, they will be on the Twitters.

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