Pick of the Day: First Round Picks

March Record: 35-51, -.37u

I am putting a halt on any gambling that is not college basketball for the foreseeable future. The tournament is finally upon us, and today is DAY 1! Hooray!

I have strategically place ammo (money) in different sportsbooks with different promos to fit my best gambling needs, responsibly of course. Any bets that are more than 1 unit are probably long term plays. I have 1 future pick, and I have made a bracket, but other than that, we will go round by round.


This pick comes with a bonus, and the only reason I made this pick. On the Barstool app, you can pick a tournament winner, and if that team wins it all, you receive $1 in credit for every point your team wins by throughout the tournament. Gonzaga seems like the safest bet here, so that’s what it is.

As for my bracket:

Elite 8: Gonzaga, Iowa, Florida State, Alabama, Baylor, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, West Virginia

Final Four: Gonzaga, Florida State, Baylor, Oklahoma State

Championship: Gonzaga 73, Baylor 71

Today’s Picks: First Round (Play-In) Games

  • Michigan State “Spread the Love” FanDuel Free Money, 5u/4.55u (Easiest win of all time. MSU is +122.5 right now…)
  • Michigan State ML, 1.5u/1.865u (25% boost on Bet Rivers)
  • “The Raftery,” 1.2u/1.01u (Over 544.5 points in all 4 play in games combined tonight)
  • Norfolk State/Appalachian State O133.5, 5u/4.65u (part of Barstool “Moron Madness” Competition

Tonight is hopefully the start of a beautiful tournament. Tomorrow, I will list all plays for the Round of 64 going through Saturday.

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