Pick of the Day: March 16th

  • Yesterday: 0-3, -4.0u
  • March Record: 33-49, -.27u
  • YTD: 33-49, -.27u

I was less than 3 minutes away from going 2-1, +2.09u. Then the Blackhawks emptied their net and completely self-imploded. It was so hard to watch. Now we’re back in the negative. Such is life.

As we approach the NCAA tournament, let me throw in a free ad for the Barstool Sportsbook, open for action in Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Your first bet is risk free, up to $1000. Plus, $10 in free credits for signing up and $5 for customizing your account. FREE MONEY. Additionally, withdrawing is the quickest of any apps. Taking money out and sending it to PayPal takes less than an hour (from personal experience).

They also offer great daily boosts and promotions in all sports that change daily, and the tournament promotions are excellent so far. These are the two initial ones I will be making picks in:

  • Tournament Bracket Dominance: Place a $10 minimum bet on a tournament winner. If your team wins the tournament, you will receive $2 in free bets for ever total point that team wins by throughout the tournament. For instance, if Gonzaga wins it all, and they won by a combined 50 points in all their games, you win your bet + $100 in free bets.
  • Round of 64 Parlay Insurance: Place a 4+ leg parlay including only 8vs9 or 7vs10 games, and get your bet back in credits if 1 or 2 legs of the parlay lose. (up to $25 bet)

Today’s Picks:

  • NBA: Celtics +4, 1u/.92u
  • NBA: Pelicans/Trail Blazers O238, 1u/.89u
  • NHL Parlay: Devils ML/Avalanche ML, 1u/1.048u

Not much analysis here. I like the Celtics tonight, no huge reason. The New Orleans Pelicans are good at scoring points and not having any defense. And I took two heavy hockey favorites and put them together to make a plus money parlay.

That’s today. Let it be good to us all. Godspeed.

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