BREAKING NEWS: Andy Dalton is the Chicago Bears’ Quarterback.

Well, well, well…

I hate to say I was right, but I 100% was. Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson are not coming to Chicago, the Red Rifle is.

Now you want to tell me Mitch wasn’t good enough?

Get ready Bears fans! The McCaskey’s did not sell the team, meaning Ted Phillips is still calling the shots, which means Ryan Pace is making the moves, which means Matt Nagy will be wasting yet another year of a premiere defense with his horribly managed offense. NOTHING IS CHANGING. NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL THE TOP CHANGES.

Of course Mitch wasn’t going to come back. Why would he? The town never appreciated him or wanted to appreciate him because the coaching staff never gave him the right tools or plays to make him look the part. Why? Because Matt Nagy never wanted him. He just wanted a head coaching job, no matter what. Unfortunately, the “what” meant wasting away a defense and destroying the start of someone’s career as a quarterback in the NFL.

Matt Nagy is not an offensive guru. He’s a quarterback killer. Ryan Pace has failed to provide the right coaching staff for his team. Ted Phillips wouldn’t know a football from a basketball. The McCaskey family cannot turn the franchise around. It’s time for everyone to move on.

Bears fans’ and the local media’s incompetence, along with the failure of the front office to acknowledge the problem is up top and not the QB have made the next 3+ seasons of Chicago Bears football absolutely miserable. Way to go, everyone. You’ve taken my joy. I hate you. Should’ve. Kept. Mitch.

This is what you wanted, Chicago. Mitchell Trubisky is no more. Happy?

Yeah, I thought not. Get ready for a teardown in January.

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