Pick of the Day: March 11th

  • Yesterday: 4-0, +4.30u
  • March Record: 15-18, -2.08u
  • YTD: 15-18, -2.08u

Brick by brick. This is how you claw back. Yesterday was marvelous, and I am SO excited for today. So excited I have to write this early to submit my early picks in time! Barstool Sportsbook App is live today at 11am CST. There are going to be promos to be had, but there are early games to attend to! I am locking in some early picks, and will add my first Barstool picks via twitter today. TODAY IS A GOOD DAY!

Today’s (Initial) Picks:

  • NCAA: Michigan State -1, 1u to win .92u
  • NCAA: Kentucky -3.5, 1u to win .90u

Please keep an eye out for picks coming later! It is coming! It is here!

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