Pick of the Day: March 10th

  • Yesterday: 0-3, -3u
  • March Record: 11-18, -6.38u
  • YTD: 11-18, -6.38u

This is not the momentum I want going into the Barstool Sportsbook App. Yesterday was bad. I felt worse about yesterday than any other day yet. I am going to turn this around today, because tomorrow is going to be massive. Remember, Barstool Sportsbook App opens in Illinois at 11am CST. Big promos are coming.

Today’s Picks:

  • NCAA: Duke -2.5, 1u to win 1.08u
  • NCAA: Georgetown ML, 1u to win 1.4u
  • NCAA: Miami (FL) +8.5, 1u to win .91u

Miami is at 1:30 CST and Georgetown is at 2:00. If those goes well, I might add in some stuff tonight on Twitter. We’ll see. My eyes are dead on tomorrow, responsibly.

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