Pick of the Day: March 9th

  • Yesterday: 0-1, -1u
  • March Record: 11-15, -3.38u
  • YTD: 11-15, -3.38u

I am a broken man. Georgia State already has enough of my money and they took more yesterday. Whatever. We’ve got some big tournaments starting today and there are opportunities out there. We cannot dwell in the past. Eyes up moving forward.

Today’s Picks

  • NCAA: Pittsburgh -3, 1u to win .90u
  • NHL: Patrick Kane to Score a Goal, 1u to win 1.95u

I think Pitt and Miami are both terrible, but Pitt is just a little bit less terrible. Tonight is Patrick Kane’s 1000th career game for the Blackhawks, and I don’t think there is anyway he does not score to celebrate.

Two picks I responsibly hope are correct.

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