Pick of the Day: March 8th

  • This Weekend: 4-8, -2.78u
  • March Record: 10-12, -2.38u
  • YTD: 11-14, -2.38u

Bad weekend. BAAAAAD Weekend. Florida State was a joke. Drake stalled. Iowa blew it. TCU was non-existent. Maryland is dead to me. My NASCAR pick finished 2nd. Pain. Assault.

Nonetheless, we move forward. This is March. Opportunity is endless.

Today’s Picks:

  • NCAA MONELINE PARLAY: Georgia State/UNC-Greensboro/BYU: 1.5u to win 2.72u
  • FUTURE: Michigan State to win B1G Tournament: .5u to win 25u

Juicy parlay to get back into the game, or just remorsefully die. Responsibly.

Future pick, this was made a couple weeks ago. You have to take those odds as a homer. January, February, Izzo.

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