Pick of the Day: March 3rd

  • Last Night: 1-2, -.85u
  • March Record: 2-2, +.04u
  • YTD: 2-2, +.04u

Well, I have been humbled.

Look, this happens. You either win or you don’t. the West Virginia one hurts the most, but how embarrassing is it to lose an over by 50 points… Yeah, that’ll help your self esteem. Idiot. Thank you Georgia Tech for saving it after blowing it.

BUT IT IS A NEW DAY. You have to have a short memory if you’re going to do this. Don’t back down. Responsibly.

Tonight’s Plays:

  • NBA: Bulls/Pelicans O237 – 1u to win .89u
  • NCAA: Wichita State -4.5 – 1u to win .90u
  • NCAA: Florida State -18.5 – 1u to win .91u

Who am I to bet an over the night after losing an over by 50 points? Unafraid. Bulls, don’t fail me now. I like Wichita State at Tulane. They have been off due to a COVID situation, but they just signed their coach to an extension, players are hype, and Tulane is historically bad. WSU should roll. Florida State off a loss to UNC comes home for Senior Night against Boston College mad and ready to explode. I think they win by 30, so 19 shouldn’t be trouble…. Shouldn’t be.

Three responsible picks to get back on track. Stay positive!

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