Should I Wake Up at 6am Sunday Morning to Watch Soccer?

Initially, the answer is obviously no. But hear me out.

So a few years ago, a cousin of mine had recently taken a liking to the English Premiere League, and really wanted us to also get into it. To help us out, he hosted us one Saturday morning to watch a couple matches together, learn the rules, set expectations, and pick teams. Playing that morning when we walked in was Tottenham and Arsenal. I didn’t know if these were even cities in England or just names of teams, I just decided whoever won this was going to be my team for life. Arsenal ended up winning, so I became America’s Ambassador for Arsenal. Kind of.

Since then, I can’t say I’ve been super faithful to Arsenal or the sport in general. I have watched a few matches here and there, but I can’t say it has been more than a dozen-ish in the last 5 years. But every time I watch, I think of how much I really do enjoy watching the sport. Plus, there are many similarities I have noticed to hockey, which I very much enjoy. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just that I forget I enjoy it.

Which brings us to Sunday morning. Here’s what I know: apparently Arsenal is having one historically bad season and are nowhere in contention for the league title. They stand in 11th place with 34 points, compared to league leading Man City with 59 points. And coming up on Sunday, Arsenal goes against Leicester City, who stands in 3rd place with 49 points. This is a huge defining match for the Gunners (that’s Arsenal. Keep up, America.)

Here’s what I also know – I historically love rooting for teams that fall short of expectations and torment their fan base with moves made on and off the field. Apparently that is exactly what Arsenal is right now: a train wreck. Which means Arsenal and I are a match made in heaven.

Thus, it’s obviously time for Arsenal’s American Ambassador to step in and will them to victory Sunday morning at 6am. Bet the house on the Gunners.

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