Don’t Do This to Yourselves. Russell Wilson is Not Coming to Chicago.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has sent the city of Chicago into a frenzy with his latest tweet, releasing that Russell Wilson has not demanded a trade, but has stated he would be opened to being traded to either Dallas, New Orleans, Las Vegas, or… Chicago. Bears reporters and even PLAYERS have started the recruitment process.

Adam Schefter, ESPN insider on Twitter @AdamSchefter
Louis Riddick, ESPN analyst on Twitter @LRiddickESPN
Danny Parkins, 670 the Score host on Twitter @DannyParkins
Tarik Cohen, Chicago Bears Running Back, on Twitter @TarikCohen

Bears fans…. Stop it. The Chicago Bears have absolutely NOTHING to offer the Seattle Seahawks for this trade to go. They have zero draft capital to send, a first and maybe some seconds at best. They are not going to send their entire defense relying only on Wilson led Matt Nagy offense to score 60+ points. And, most importantly, they do not have a replacement quarterback, or a path to a replacement quarterback, to send back to Seattle for an 8-Time Pro Bolwer and former Super Bowl champion.

The Chicago Bears cannot and will not be trading for a franchise caliber quarterback currently in the league, because they have nothing to give. Rather than dreaming of these nonsense moves, fans should be mentally preparing for a Nick Foles or Mitch Trubisky (small 1 year deal) led offense in 2021 (HOPEFULLY THE LATTER).

If I’m right, we will be prepared. But if I’m wrong, imagine the happiness.

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