Rest In Peace Hank Aaron: The Home Run King.

Coolest moment of my life:

I worked for the Braves at Turner Field in 2013 at a merchandise store. My first day on the job, I’m walking in the tunnel underneath the stadium, and this huge Ford truck is coming towards me. I get out of the way, and it pulls up right next to me.

The window rolls down, and I hear “How ya doin’ young man?” In absolute awe, I stuttered out “Hammerin’ Hank, I’m doing well.” He said “Great to hear.” Hank Aaron stopped just to greet a random kid working at the Ted.

Before he pulled away, I said “You know, you’re still the home run king in my book.” He smiled and said “You’re not the first to tell me that,” and off he went. A moment I will never forget.

Rest In Peace to the Home Run King.

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