Brace Yourselves, I Woke Up.

I’ve upgraded my site. I’m adding some content. I’m going to try to post something on my mind every day. And it’s not only going to be sports.

As 2021 starts, there’s a TON happening in the world obviously. But for me personally, it’s about to get wild. The cherry on top being that after a 5 year “sabbatical,” if you will, I have decided to return to school in pursuit of a degree in Communications. I made a promise to finish, and I am in a great spot to take that responsibility on. LEARNING. HOMEWORK. FUN. With that, I am going to pick the blog back up and I hope to stick with it as a hobby, but also a progress report.

Part of the curriculum that I will be in has a lot of learning to communicate (duh) through text and audio, and I’m very excited to track my progress through not only this page, but also a little baby podcast project (coming soon). My favorite part of this whole thing is I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. I cannot wait. Over time, I hope to see I end up learning so much and hope this will help me down the road to do whatever it is I am called to (undecided). While I go to school half-time, go to work full-time, and attempt to adult over-time, I am going to do some me-time with this hobby. In a way, this is going to be therapeutic. I can document my thoughts and then move on with my life. It’ll be great and I cannot wait to share this journey socially to see where it goes.

So what can you, my consumer friends, expect to see content-wise? Think Barstool-ish format of blogs about random things from my brain. I’ll spend time mad at my teams. I’ll spend time talking to friends. I’ll journal what I am learning in school and make connections between my education and hobby. And I hope to do some interviews/conversations in podcast form linked to this page.

It’ll be quite the journey, I’m already tired. CAN’T WANT.

And shoutout to the lovely Anna (pictured below) for giving me the confidence and courage to go out and chase after what I want, and supporting me fully in literally everything. THANK YOU.

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